Jeff and Suzanne Glenning

Meeting Sunday evenings at 5:30pm (Childcare provided)

This is a group of 30’s - 50s, some with young kids and some with none, trying to build genuine friendships and encourage one another in our walks with Christ.

Meets at the Glenning Home… contact Jeff or Suzanne for info.

Phone: 256-452-1407

MEN’S BOJO group - Justin Holland

Meets at Bojangles in Oxford @ 6am on Thursdays


Phone: 256-310-5507

Young Men’s BOJO group - Tucker Winfrey

Meets at Bojangles in Oxford @6am on Fridays


Phone: 256-473-8744

Jacksonville / Peidmont Life-Group

This is a group of 40’s - 60’s, some with teens, most empty-nesters… intentionally doing life together and encouraging each other to follow Christ.

Meeting in the Peidmont area on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays each month, from 6-8pm.

Contact - Wendell or Cyndee Day

Email: OR
Phone: 256-452-0086 OR (256) 453-8969